Nike & Jimmy Choo: Simple Yet Fashionable Geolocation Marketing

Sometimes it’s easy to overcomplicate campaigns. The desire is strong on both the agency and client side – particularly I feel with social media – to really do something new, innovative, and remarkable with each and every campaign, often at the expense of keeping it clear, simple, and understandable. Cool new technology is the perfect ticket for that, and geolocation is the current poster child for “cool” and “new” when it comes to social.

So it’s nice to see a couple recent geolocation campaigns that have just enough complexity to be intriguing, yet keep things relatively simple and fun.

Nike Sportwear’s “Sneak & Destroy”

As the Digital Buzz Blog describes it:

This was a cool experiential campaign from Nike to promote the Varsity Destroyer jacket. Teaming up with Koi Fusion, a popular food truck, Nike tweeted clues to followers in search of the Koi Fusion truck, once found, you had to check in with Facebook Places and then order a secret menu item… The Destroyer Burrito. Get there in time, with the right info and you scored a special Destroyer jacket + free Burrito.

A nice gift for Portland OR fans of the brand, with a creative tie in to a very popular current local trend (gourmet food trucks).

Disclaimer: Nike is a client (not the Sportswear group however).

Jimmy Choo’s “CatchAChoo”


The goal was to introduce and promote a new style of Jimmy Choo trainers to fans of the brand in London. Definitely simple at its core: All they have to do is follow the brand on Foursquare, and if they see a check-in happen in real time, run on over and be the first person to say “I’m following you!” to the rep carrying a pair of shoes in order to win them (and hope there isn’t some poor random person also carrying trainers around, who calls the cops on you, their new personal stalker).

When you think about it, the entire campaign probably required a few hours of planning, an hour or so of account creation, and then it looks like a few hours every week or two running around town with new shoes to give away. Simple, light, and creative with smart use of the existing social media channels. The one thing I don’t get is their Faceboo presence – “CatchAChoo” isn’t set up as a fan page to follow, but rather an individual user account that you have to friend in order to follow. I’d love to know the rationale on that one.

Found via MarketingProfs