Social Media ROI Revisited: Series

Social media return-on-investment (ROI) is one of the most hotly – and frequently – debated topics in the industry. Dressed up however you like, the question still boils down to “Does it work? How can you tell?” In a multi-part post series called “Social Media Revisited” on the Ignite Social Media blog I’m exploring four different models in smROI and how they might be applied.

To read more, start here with Post 1: Social Media Revisited: 4 Ways to Measure

Post 2: A Closer Look at Direct ROI

Post 3: A Look at Correlation

Post 4: Relative and Proxy Models (coming)

Post 5: Two Insanely Bad Social Media ROI Arguments (on my personal blog)

I’ll toss in some additional posts on the topic here and there, and add them to the list above.