Thank You Volkswagen: Someone Finally Pulls Off a Smart LinkedIn Campaign

As insanely useful as LinkedIn is for professional networking – it has become the de facto online resume for millions – it simply has never caught on with brand marketers the way Facebook has. Part of that is the B2B skew of the LI community, but no small part is the relatively unwelcoming set of marketing options presented to potential advertisers and sponsors. So it’s cool to see Volkswagen pull off a simple yet smart and entertaining campaign using LinkedIn as the foundation.

NewImageUnfortunately the campaign targets the Dutch market – and I don’t speak Dutch – so I can’t really comment on how it all works in the end. But the premise according to the Digital Buzz Blog is both simple and very nicely executed:

Volkswagen’s LinkedIn campaign called “LinkedUit” or (LinkedOut) gives anyone who challenges a friend the chance to win a brand new Volkswagen Passat, and all you have to do is have the strongest LinkedIn profile in Holland. Once you connect with the site here, it challenges a chosen connection on education, experience, recommendations and connections to award the LinkedIn victor, and the LinkedOut looser.

From my Dutch-free attempt at trying the campaign, it looks like the standards used to compare education, experience, connections, etc are maybe a bit too simple, but it doesn’t appear the campaign is taking itself too seriously anyway. In any case, as the blog notes, it’s a great early example of a branded campaign built on top of the LinkedIn API, and possible the sign of more to come.